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2019/2020 Reenrollment


Families who complete re-enrollment on or before April 20 will receive a $50 discount on their Registration Fee this fall ($200 instead of $250).  You do not have to pay anything at this time.

Reenrollment Form

Complete the form in the link above to reenroll. It only takes two minutes to complete. 

500 Club

I have an exciting new program to share with you that we are calling the 500 club.  Here is how it works:  If you tell a new family about Cedar Valley and they enroll their child(ren) they receive a $500 discount and if they stay for a full year, you receive a $500 credit on your tuition bill.  The more families you tell, the more credits you can earn.  All the new family has to do is put your name on the application when they apply.  If they write down more than one family, the credit(s) will be split between the families.  We want to keep it simple and give you a reason to tell others about Cedar Valley.