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-Cedar Valley offers a close knit family feel in their classes. In September, there is a set apart off-campus Get To Know You Day as well as a canoe trip at the end of the year for the high schoolers and faculty. Our entire school all comes together for a full Thanksgiving meal and at spring’s Track and Field Day, promoting mentor relationships and building a tight community across the grades. At CVCS, you will interact with students of all grades and regularly have opportunities for leadership and discipleship across the grades.   

-Our students experience worldview training on a daily basis, solidifying what God’s Word says, teaching discernment and wisdom in how one reacts to the messages of this world, and also educating about what others believe so that you are better equipped to share the truth of the gospel with those around you.   

-You’ll have an Advisory Teacher who is a trusted mentor that you meet with daily and who will stay with your class each year all throughout high school. They will work to intentionally disciple and build relationships for your spiritual, emotional, and academic health.

-Cedar Valley is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Our school credits will transfer anywhere. No matter what your future holds, we will work to equip you for the future mission fields God calls you.  


We partner with parents in their biblical responsibility to raise up their children in the love and knowledge of the Lord and provide a robust learning experience where spiritual practices are fused with academics to practically equip students to achieve their individual calling and impact the world around them for Christ.  

 Students, we want you to be Resilient & Vibrant.  

We want you to be able to withstand both difficult and discouraging seasons as well as times of comfort and ease, rooted solidly in your identity in Christ. We want you to enthusiastically shine, emitting unshakable hope that comes from a close relationship with Jesus, anchored in the joy that comes from confidence in eternity with Him.   

The world broadcasts that the most important thing you can pursue is your own happiness. Live your truth; follow your heart. This life is all there is, so live it up.     

You will learn a very different message at CVCS: that you were made for more!  

It is counter-cultural. It is not safe, and it is certainly not easy. But living with an eternal perspective, on mission to bring glory to God, provides purpose and joy that the pleasures of this world never can.    

We want to help you find your unique giftings and equip you to use them to further His kingdom. We want you to experience life abundantly! (Jn 10:10)   

Our deep hope is that every student of Cedar Valley Christian School grows in their love of Christ and develops skills that they use to spread the gospel and glorify God.