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Rewards Programs for Cedar Valley Christian School


All of these programs involve either clipping labels or collecting caps from items that you are likely
shopping for already. Just take a look through the following list of products to see what you could be turning in
at CVCS to help us earn money and products to help support our school. There are collection boxes in the
following areas: Welcome Center, CVCS Entry & File Cabinet, for your children to easily turn in any caps or

If you have any questions on any of these programs, please contact Wendy Marner at


Box Tops 4 Education

No matter where you shop, you can earn with Box Tops. If you receive a paper receipt, a quick scan with the Box Tops app will identify participating products and automatically credit your school’s earnings online. Whether you’ve ordered groceries for delivery or pickup, shopped through your stores app or requested an email receipt at checkout, you can earn Box Tops with digital receipts too.  The app is available on either or  Another option is to send your Grocery Store Receipts to CVCS, and we will scan them for you. All receipts must be received within 14 days of purchase to be scanned for Box Tops – SO, Send Them In Quickly!

HyVee Cash 4 Schools –

This program has been very successful for CVCS.  All you have to do is turn in your HyVee receipts from any HyVee, HyVee Drug Store or HyVee gas station. HyVee will send us $1.00 for each $200.00 of receipts that we turn in.  Please see the CVCS website for a list of FAQ’s.

My Coke Rewards -

Codes are found on the inside of bottle caps or inside of the 12 pack or case boxes or the plastic wrap packaging of all Coke products, including water.  Please send in the bottle caps or cut the code out of the boxes or plastic wraps.  CVCS earns $.05 for each cap.  Please check the CVCS website for a full list of participating Coke products.

Office Depot / Office Max - 

Simply make a purchase of qualifying school supplies, provide your school's ID #70027715 at checkout (in store and online) and your designated school will receive 5% back in credits for FREE supplies!  It's a small act that can make a huge difference.  CVCS ID# 70027715