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"Children are in school for more hours in the day than they are in our homes, during the most impressionable period of their lives. I've heard the argument of parents wanting their kids to have 'in the world' experiences before they leave their home for college. A Christian school does not exempt our kids from worldly experiences; however, facing these things in a godly environment where the Word is the focus and there is prayer and conversations that help our kids deal and process such things, that is a contrast that cannot be overstated.  My encouragement to parents and kids who are struggling in this decision of where to send their children to school is trust God and His Word for it never returns void. Be patient for many times we don’t see the fruit of that investment until many years later.

Isaiah 55:11 ..…'so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.'

God’s word NEVER returns void!" - Stephanie Hodge, former CVCS mom 

It is the goal and desire of Cedar Valley Christian School to continually encourage spiritual growth and maturity in our students and to be able to share story after story of God's faithfulness in the lives of our students. 

It is His story. 

We are thrilled to be able to play even a part. 

Betsy Banowetz

"I remember laying on my hospital bed, tears streaming down my face as I grappled with the reality of missing my son's very first day of his first year of school- Ever. Brian had gone to Target and purchased 2 backpacks, a rainbow of colored options of folders and notebooks, the markers and pencils and all the things, and then he laid them all out on the couch in my hospital room. Hudson came to visit me, and we "shopped" together for all his school supplies- there in my room on the 6th floor of St. Lukes."

Tyler Snodgrass

"My identity had been solidified throughout Cedar Valley. During my time as a student, I learned what it meant to be a Christian beyond just knowledge. Christ became the center of my life and the truth in all that I do. With such truth and identity, how can I not be passionate? This led me to want to join a campus ministry as soon as I got to college. Having joined the Navigators, this identity continues to be shaped and honed towards serving and glorifying God! I continue to learn what it means to take steps of obedience of faith, and be wholly, completely fulfilled by my loving Creator."

Melanie Lynch

Teachers were not inaccessible authority figures at Cedar Valley, but they became role models and mentors, extensions of that school family that left indelible marks on her life.

Craig and Dawn Foote

“We stay at Cedar Valley because we get to teach the kids about Jesus. We have good academics. We know this because our kids do well at college, so that’s proven.

But we stay at Cedar Valley because we get to tell them about Jesus, and it’s all about their hearts.”