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Dual Credit Courses

Students in grades eleven (11) and twelve (12) are eligible to take dual credit courses. Students are eligible to take dual credit courses if they meet all of the requirements of the dual credit institution, and if the student has obtained the approval of the CVCS principal.

Dual credit courses must not interfere with the student’s classes taken at CVCS. The student is responsible for his/her own transportation for dual credit classes. Eligible students wishing to participate in the dual credit courses shall apply to the eligible dual credit institution.

The Cedar Rapids Community School District will pay for the dual credit course. CVCS will not pay for any dual credit courses. CVCS shall have complete discretion to determine the amount of academic high school credit to be awarded.

All courses approved by CVCS will:  

Be recorded on the official student transcript, including the letter grade granted by the dual credit institution.  

Be included in figuring class rank, including valedictorian and salutatorian status, and GPA.  

Be given graduation credit, as determined by CVCS. Typically, a three (3) or four (4) semester hour post-secondary course will be awarded one (1) graduation credit at CVCS


CVCS has partnered directly with Kirkwood Community College for dual credit courses.  

Find out more about Dual Enrolling at Kirkwood Community College HERE and HERE.


Other colleges

CVCS will recognize dual credit classes from other colleges and universities if they satisfy the criteria above and are approved by the CRCSD for payment.