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Here is a link to our 2023-2024 School Calendar 

KINGDOM Calendar

The primary reason for the KINGDOM schedule is to allow time in the day for advisory time for the secondary students.  There are many benefits to this time with a trusted adult responsible for a group of students.  Also, it gives us a time to be intentional about biblical worldview training.  A secondary benefit is that the routine is broken up slightly with the seven day rotation.  There is research that supports changing the routine positively affects learning.  It is also a stepping stone to another schedule change that may be some kind of a modified block schedule to allow more class time for teachers to have more options in how they teach.  It was recommended by CSM that we approach the modified block slowly with at least one remedial step.  Too much change all at once is not as effective.

The elementary teachers have always had control of their schedules so they have been able to do this before, but secondary teachers were locked into the schedule.  The elementary teachers are being affected by the KINGDOM schedule because we share specials teachers K-12.