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At Cedar Valley Christian School, our main focus is our students' hearts. We desire individual growth, rather than meeting standards or benchmarks, and aim to encourage spiritual, social, academic, and physical growth and maturity. We are serious about mentorship and modeling Christ-like behavior as we strive to prepare our students' to live their lives to their fullest potential, all for the honor and glory of Christ.

"My identity was solidified throughout [my years at] Cedar Valley. During my time as a student, I learned what it meant to be a Christian beyond just knowledge. Christ became the center of my life and the truth in all that I do. With such truth and identity, how can I not be passionate? This led me to want to join a campus ministry as soon as I got to college. Having joined the Navigators, this identity continues to be shaped and honed towards serving and glorifying God! I continue to learn what it means to take steps of obedience of faith and be wholly, completely fulfilled by my loving Creator." - 2020 CVCS grad reflecting on his experiences