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-Must be three years old before September 15th and be toilet trained.

-A physical examination is required, and all immunizations must be up to date.

-All enrollment forms must be completed before admission.


-Must be five years old by September 15th.

-A physical examination is required, and all immunizations must be up-to-date.

-Each family is required to meet with the kindergarten teacher and/or the principal for a pre-enrollment interview.

-It is recommended that the student complete a pre-kindergarten evaluation to assist in determining kindergarten readiness.



-All families enrolling children in kindergarten through 12th grade for the first time will be expected to meet with an administrator for a pre-enrollment interview. Admission to CVCS is never based on sex, race, color, national origin or ethnic group. Admission is determined by the compatibility of the student and his/her family to the mission of the school. The school’s ability to meet the needs of each individual child and family must also be considered. All families seeking enrollment of their children must read and agree to comply with the policies outlined in this handbook.

-Families seeking enrollment should recognize that although family beliefs will be respected as much as possible, all students will be taught that the Bible is true and useful, and that the only way for salvation is through the finished work of Christ on the cross, apart from human efforts. In cases of doctrinal differences, the doctrinal beliefs of Cedar Valley Bible Church will be supported.

Families of Cedar Valley Bible Church and families currently enrolled in the school will receive first priority for enrollment during pre-registration in the spring. Pre-registration in spring allows church and school families the opportunity to reserve spots for their children. After this time, enrollment is opened up to the general public.

“Sometimes the small things are the big things, such as the fact that the principal stands outside (in all kinds of weather) to greet each and every student as they arrive to school. Every morning from my car as I drop off, I hear him welcoming each student by name and it reminds me how grateful I am that my children have the privilege of attending this school, a place where every child is treated as a beautiful, worthy individual.” - CVCS mom

Did You Know?


The gospel of Jesus Christ is woven into each subject in the curriculum and constantly talked about in conversations about the principles and precepts being taught.