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Distance education makes a lot of things look different, but what is truly important rises to the top. Here at Cedar Valley Christian School, it is evident that education, relationships, serving our families, and trust in the Lord will withstand and thrive, even when changes come and challenges arise. God was equipping us for this even before it was on our radar, and He has been guiding us through this every step of the way. 

"Distance learning for our preschooler has provided consistency and routine for our mornings, which has such a positive influence on his mood and behavior for the rest of the day. Rowan looks forward to seeing his buddies during their weekly class Zoom meetings and embraces Messy Monday activities with Mrs. Snodgrass. We can’t wait to see what happens to our egg this week.

As a parent, I’m excited that my kiddo can keep engaging with academic concepts and move toward kindergarten readiness. Teachers and staff have done an awesome job of equipping and encouraging parents to be successful during this unusual time."

-Abbie R., CV mom 

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