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ACSI accredited, Christ-centered education for preschool through 12th grade.

Elementary (Pre K-5th Grade) Curriculum: 

Classroom Instructional Approach to Teaching
-Direct instruction
-Small groups
-Centers designed to introduce or review material
-Classroom discussions
-Student-led activities
-Hands-on investigations
Oral and Written Communication/Language
-Develop critical thinking skills
-Ability to research and share information effectively with large and small groups
-Participate in a variety of projects and presentations that allow them to develop these skills that will be required in higher levels of education
-Summit Ministries curriculum
-Daily time in the Word and worship
-Friday assemblies featuring songs and biblical 
training by staff and students
-Biblical integration into all subjects we are teaching
Math Education
-Emphasis on both memorization of math facts   through drill and practice and the program Xtramath
-Enhance learning of basic math concepts:
-use of manipulatives
-hands-on activities
-Phonemic awareness
-Multisensory phonics approach called Orton-Gillingham to help children become strong readers, spellers, and writers
-Data driven
-Language arts lessons that are taught to build
-Cursive writing is taught beginning in 1st grade and expected to be in daily use through 5th grade
-Vast kits come to the building from Grant Wood AEA with curriculum, supplies, textbooks, and opportunities for journaling
-Independent teacher created units to supplement learning
-Hands-on learning
-Preparing them for Jr. high/high school science
Social Studies/History
-Spiral curriculum
-Extended projects and plays
-Presentations and class showcases
-Extended research projects
Extended Learning Classes
Music (two times a week)
-Musicals and music performances
-Instruction in recorders (Grades 3-5) -Ukeleles (Grades 2)
Gym (two times a week)
-Sport skill-based instruction
-Learning games and activities
-Character development
Art (once a week for an hour)
-Study of artists
-Principles of design
-School art show
-Biblical integration 
-Daily integration
-Interactive whiteboards
-Some grades additionally have: 
-touch screen computer
-Kindle Fire tablets
-document cameras