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Our FCA meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  We meet in the gym at 3:35, have games and activities, and retire to Craig Foote's classroom for a lesson at about 3:55.  We have a biblically based and sports based lesson, then move to the kitchen at 4:15 for free ice cream or pizza.  We are done at 4:30.

Sometimes we have guest speakers.  We also support FCA camp in the summer, as well the FCA dodgeball tournament in Center Point.  There are usually one or two leadership training opportunities for our student leaders during the year.   We always end the year with the Cedar Valley FCA Pie Fight in May.  We have a leadership team of currently 4 students who help the FCA Huddle leaders (Mr. Fogle and Mr. Foote) plan the meetings.  

6th graders through 12th grade attend the FCA huddle meeting on Wednesdays.  All are invited!

Our first meeting is September 26th, with our last meeting being the 2nd week in May...which is always the pie fight--