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1. The appropriate application (pre-kindergarten, elementary, or secondary) must be completed for each new student.
2. A deposit must accompany the application in order for the admission process to continue.
3. A pre-enrollment interview is required for all new families. Students may be asked to accompany their parents to these interviews.
4. Parents will be notified of their child’s acceptance. Acceptance is based on available classroom space and consideration of the school’s suitability to the child’s needs as an individual.
5. No student will be admitted who has tuition or fees left unpaid from a previous year unless arrangements are made in advance with the Principal.
6. Enrollment is completed in early August during registration. Student fees and appropriate tuition are to be paid, and all forms are to be completed at that time. When a child is admitted during the school year, the admission and enrollment processes will occur simultaneously.
7. Attendance at Cedar Valley Christian School should be considered a privilege. If a family or student fails to meet the standards of the school or the conditions under which the student was admitted, the privilege of attending CVCS may be revoked.

Did You Know?


Tuition discounts apply when your second, third, fourth (or more) child is enrolled at Cedar Valley Christian Schoool.