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Every student develops and faithfully lives out a biblical worldview-based on the foundation provided by the truth of the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ-by learning spiritual, social, academic and physical principles that have been taught and modeled with excellence.


Have a personal relationship with Christ as their Savior, and the ability to share the plan of salvation with others
Demonstrates spiritual growth
Applies scripture to life and daily decisions
Performs spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, worship, etc.)


Is able to dialog effectively with those who hold other worldviews
Exemplifies Christ-like character, leading their lives according to biblical standards of virtue and ethics
Serves in church, community, and civic activities.
Builds community through multiage interactions.
Has an understanding of the role of the church in the world.


Demonstrates the academic competence that is required for next level of academic pursuit
Thinks logically and critically with a biblical worldview to ascertain truth and solve problems
Applies universal biblical principles to an ever-changing world
Develops God-given academic strengths and spiritual gifts
Has a broad base of knowledge and experiences to draw upon


Works independently without need of supervision
Accepts personal responsibility for their actions
Identifies and uses God-given individual talents, abilities and spiritual gifts.
Makes wise choices regarding health, possessions and environment